Welcome Ambassador Online!

Press and hold or right click to download the provided pictures to add to your social media! Thank you for all you do to advance The Purple Movement.

See the frequently asked questions below.


Ambassador Online FAQ:

"7 Day Awareness Challenge"

For 7 days minimum, the 7 Day Awareness Challenge is all about bringing The Purple Movement to social media! With your help, we can reach millions with a simple click. The goal is to get virtual good conversation going and ultimately bring some Purple awareness globally.

The Challenges:

Challenge 1: "Posts"

  • Post something something meaningful as to why The Purple Movement is necessary to you.
  • We believe in the power of "from the heart, to the heart." When you post something with affection, it will definitely affect someone else. This challenge can spark some great conversation and ultimately gain another brother or sister to join you on this Purple journey.
Challenge 2: "Selfies"
  • Add selfies wearing Purple!
Challenge 3: "Purple Pics"
  • Either right click or press and hold the pictures above to download them and add them to your social media!
  • One picture is a virtual flyer and another is to add as a profile picture during the challenge.
Challenge 4: "Get Creative"
  • Make up your own way to get creative during your challenge! Be sure to tag @tpmnow so we can also share your ideas and join you on your challenge.
Note: Be sure to add our #MAP and www.thepurplemovement.org to all of your posts during the challenge.

What is an Ambassador Online?

An "Ambassador Online" is an individual who is online that believes in the power of reconciliation, accountability, love, and unity. They virtually raise Purple awareness by doing the "7 Day Awareness Challenge"