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Welcome Ambassador Online!

Press and hold or right click to download the provided pictures to add to your social media! Thank you for all you do to advance The Purple Movement.

See the frequently asked questions below.


  • 1. Digital Marketing / Subscriptions...
    Almost 4.57 billion people were active internet users as of April 2020. Through digital marketing, your donations help us reach millions, if not billions, of people on a day to day basis. Your donations also keep The Purple Movement's website up and running, along with other subscriptions that bring you The Purple Movement with quality via the internet.
  • 2. "Purple Packages...""
    Your donations help provide resources for The Purple Movement's ambassadors on the field. Ambassadors on the field are The Purple Movement's volunteers who go out into their perspective communites to tangibly raise awareness about The Purple Movement. The "Purple Packages" include but are not limited to; custom flyers, custom bracelets, custom stickers, face masks, and more! Your donations help us to provide Purple Packages, cover national and global shipping costs, and help us to continue provide custom Purple Movement gear.
  • 3. Research & Development...
    The Purple Movement is here to stay. With your help, we can continue to research and develop new policies to petition and pass as legislation. Your donations help with any traveling costs, professional assistance, and whatever resources are necessary to aid in the excellence of research and development for The Purple Movement.
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