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"Purple Package!" Please see the disclaimer and the frequently asked questions below.

Thank you for all you do to advance The Purple Movement. 

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Ambassador On The Field FAQ:

What is an Ambassador On The Field?

This is a grassroots movement. An "Ambassador On The Field" is an individual who is on the front lines that believes in the power of reconciliation, accountability, love, and unity. They go out into the streets of their local community and raise Purple awareness with the tools provided within the "Purple Package."

What is the "Purple Package?"

The "Purple Package" is provided by The Purple Movement and its donors. It consists of but is not limited to: 1. 100 Purple Movement Flyers

  • Distribute in neighborhoods that *do not* have a "NO SOLICITATION" sign posted.
  • Flyers can be left on doorsteps, under a doormat corner, slipped in the storm door or put in the door jam.
  • Flyers can be handed out at public parks.
  • With permission, put on local business bulletins.
  • Note: Do not place anything on or around mailboxes as it is a federal offense.
2. Two Purple Movement bracelets (1 Adult, 1 Youth) 3. Two Bella Canvas face masks. (1 Large, 1 Small) 4. 10 Purple Movement Stickers and more! Thank you in advance for participating and actively making a change within your community. #MAP

Ambassador Disclaimer:

Please click and review the Ambassador Disclaimer link below: