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"Be A Part Of The Solution"

our why

While watching a presidential debate, a fire was lit in Joshua, our founder's belly. Seeing the Republican and Democratic candidates argue, cut each other off, and even yell over one another, caused him start thinking about ways we can truly come together as a nation. 

Immediately, the beloved American flag came to mind. Why? Because even though there are many races, colors, parties, backgrounds, and stories in America, we are still unified under one flag. 


Joshua asked himself, "What color does red, white, and blue make when we unite them?" It just so happens to be Purple.


This movement is by no means about changing the colors of the American flag. If anything, the flag itself served as a catalyst of inspiration for the birth of this movement. The merging of the colors red, white, and blue is simply symbolic of the power of unity, which is the heart of this movement. 

The Purple Movement petitions & creates policy to harmonize humanity.

We are the equalizer. We find ways to build bridges where there once were walls between the government and we the people. That is why our logo features a Purple bridge. Reconciliation is the driving force at the core of The Purple Movement. 

Our goal is to set legislative precedence for the future. We do not just respond to tragedies effectively, but we effectively create policy to prevent them. Join us on this legislative movement of justice, love, accountability, reconciliation, peace, and empowerment.

"The Purple Movement, Be A Part Of The Solution."

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